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"This drink is also helped to create ties when we met locals or other sailors."


A perfect companion for our journeys, ANTESITE can also be indispensable during extra ordinary adventures to the other side of the world.
This was the case for the little bottle during a sea voyage crossing five continents, undertaken by the Ressac family. We interviewed the sailor:

Alain, as “captain” and head of the family, you set off on a one-year voyage with your wife Françoise and your two daughters. What was the aim of this long journey?

Alain: We took a sabbatical to make a dream come true, namely travelling round the world! We cruised over the oceans of the world on board an 11 m yacht, totally self-sufficiently, discovering new islands, virgin scenery, different cultures and customs with local people, enchanting places and exotic dishes, which have all left unforgettable memories. The aim was to open our minds to magical places and meet people in a way that would be impossible in our conventional lives.

Planning a round-the-world trip is not easy. How did you get organised?

Alain: A yacht is somewhat like a “home” on the water – it’s ideal for family. We prepared each stage in advance. I fitted the boat out with all the tools, navigational equipment and medical supplies required for this type of journey. For the children, we of course organised distance learning, so they could continue their schooling whilst at sea.
And let’s not forget our liquorice concentrate! This was my childhood drink that I’ve passed on to my daughters and they love it. It was our ally at each thirst-quenching break.
ANTESITE became a crew member in its own right on board, especially in the heat of the Lesser Antilles, Cuba and Jamaica.

What has stayed with you from this experience?

Alain: The reality is not necessarily what we had imagined. Our bearings change and the weather acts as a constraint, as do the currents and seasons. Our living space changes as we live outside and our notion of time changes too. We spent our time on the children’s classes, repairing the boat, doing household tasks, visits, getting supplies, fishing or on the beach. It was a nomadic life, different with each stopover, where swimming became the predominant activity, next to dolphins, turtles, groupers and lobster.

What did you miss the most from your normal life?

Alain: I didn’t miss anything – we had everything we could have wanted! My only link with the Earth and its roots were our little bottles of ANTESITE. I wanted to take all the flavours, so that we could choose according to our mood or stopovers! This drink is also helped to create ties when we met locals or other sailors. We would offer a glass of water with several drops of the concentrate. It was our “Welcome on board” aperitif!
What’s more, its flavour is so strong that it’s really economical. Perfect for travelling round the world!

It sure that without ANTESITE we would have drifted, like a bottle in the sea!