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"I've been totally addicted to Antésite for over 20 years! It's the only sporting "boost" I've ever taken!"


ANTESITE is a powerful thirst-quencher that is perfectly suited to indoor and outdoor sports activities. An obvious choice to accompany any performance!
We interviewed Nicolas, a keen and talented sportsman, who has enjoyed affectionate ties with the little bottle since he was young.

Nicolas, you’re a real sports enthusiast. What physical activities do you enjoy exactly?

Nicolas: In fact, I change with the seasons so that I’m never short of thrills. In the summer, I climb mountains or explore them hiking or mountain biking. In the winter, skiing of all kinds takes over, including downhill skiing, ski mountaineering and freeriding. I take great pleasure from all these winter sports. I love overcoming a mountain, exploring the endless spaces and pushing back my limits.

How far back do you and ANTESITE go?

Nicolas: It all began when I was a child. Antésite was omnipresent in my family, both on a day-to-day basis and during the holidays. Even if I was occasionally unfaithful during my teenage years, I came back to Antésite during my studies. Since then, I’ve never stopped drinking it – I’ve been totally addicted to Antésite for over 20 years! It’s the only sporting “boost” I’ve ever taken! And it’s completely natural!

Do you have a favourite among the 9 ANTHESITE flavours?

Nicolas: Definitely, ANTESITE-mint. I love the feeling of freshness. It’s like a waterfall of invigorating, tonic air. It really boosts my energy. It makes me stronger, giving me the feeling I can reach summits. It’s like an invitation to exert myself, surpass myself.

Lastly, Nicolas, what does ANTESITE bring to your enthusiasm for sport?

Nicolas: This drink is magical. It’s a perfect accompaniment to all my adventures. In the winter, a few drops in hot water bring me the comfort and warmth I need after a great day out on the slopes. In the summer, it’s simply essential. The menthol flavour totally quenches my thirst – it’s like a torrent of oxygen freshness that I never forget! It’s my ally against dehydration. Mixed into my water bottle, its power is amplified. I find its powerful taste and liquorice flavour totally refreshing. I love contact with the mountains and being at one with nature through sport. Drinking ANTESITE is completely consistent with my priorities as it comes from plants, liquorice and nature, with the associated benefits.