• Thésite drink

A concentrate of nature....

Thésite drink

The best way to drink water

A new product derived from the Antésite & Noirot process, THÉSITE is a concentrate of black tea with natural flavouring and concentrated fruit juice. The Mint, Peach or Raspberry versions of THÉSITE bring new life to tea-time, for invigorating, smooth and mellow hydration.


added sugars

>No sugars have been added! The know-how of Antésite enables us to extract the quintessence of the sugars contained in the various flavourings. The presence of concentrated fruit juice also brings a naturally sweet touch to the drink!



>Thésite contains no sweeteners! This is due to its natural properties and high-quality recipes comprising concentrated juice and natural flavours. No need for flavour enhancers!



>100% natural, its colour comes from the tea leaves that form the concentrate.


100% Natural pleasure

Already an ally for your well-being, THÉSITE is also good for your figure, with only 2 kcal per 200 ml glass. Its fruity, energizing properties make this “The best way to drink water” with just a few drops.

The taste of THÉSITE is so powerful that you can flavour up to 20 L of drink, 18 times more than with a standard cordial.
Try our THÉSITE natural concentrates and quench your thirst at any time of the day.