• History

A concentrate of innovation


A fascinating story involving Proust’s madeleine and a number of families, ANTESITE is the result of the determination of one man, namely an apothecary Noël Perrot-Berton from Voiron, to defeat the alcoholism of railway workers during heatwaves.
Considering himself to be on a public health mission, the pharmacist created the famous concentrate of liquorice in 1898.

For over a century, the recipe for the little bottle has remained unchanged and a secret. Just a few drops diluted in water have a unique and unrivalled thirst quenching power.
ANTESITE is clearly a solution and collective reference as an “anti-thirst” drink. In fact, the name says it all, as it can be seen either as an anagram of the word “anisette” or derived from the Latin “ante sitis”.

Without sugars or sweetness, ANTESITE is a natural concentrate of the benefits of liquorice and plants.
The original flavour, based on natural Anise extract, has now been completed by a full range of fresh, attractive flavours, namely lemon, mint, orange, cinnamon-apple, cola, tea, pink grapefruit-lime and eucalyptus-pine.
Rich in flavour, the little bottle is also full of history and is now part of French heritage.
This legend, marked by key dates and avant-garde developments, makes ANTESITE a favourite brand in France.
And it’s the best way to drink water…