• Eucalytus pine
Eucalytus pine

Eucalytus pine

The air of Provence

The blend of liquorice, eucalyptus and pine takes you right to the heart of the South of France. Nonchalantly swaying in your hammock, under the umbrella pine trees, you are caressed by a gentle breeze, chilling out to the chirping of cicadas. Sundrenched, with amber glints, eucalyptus-pine ANTESITE has Mediterranean flavours and blows a fresh wind into your mouth. The woody, pine forest flavours quench your thirst. You can feel yourself being raised up. Up and up, to the top of the tall eucalyptus trees, from where you have a clearer view. Each sip purifies you.

A breath of fresh air, eucalyptus-pine ANTESITE carries you away. A concentrate of strength and audacity, each sip gives you extra drive. Each glass is an escape to a place where the air is fresher.

Recipe suggestion: Eucalyptus-pine Antésite marshmallows