• Cola


The Antésite Way of Life

A unique blend of liquorice and cola nut. A nod and a wink to the famous soft drink, its fragrance is woody and slightly caramel, with a hint of lemon. The same colour but without the bubbles – it looks very similar! Its robe with toffee glints will draw you in and its teak tint will charm you. Then the time comes when you dare… when you rewrite the rules and customs. You immerse yourself in its unsettling taste. Charmed by the intensity of liquorice and the delicacy of cola, you are charged with energy. Its aromatic power is so intense that it opens doors to another limitless, uncalculating world. Nothing but pleasure. Utterly addictive!

Recipe suggestion: Cola Antésite burger
Add a few drops of cola Antésite to grilled burgers, complete with garnish and serve in a bun.