• Lemon


Rich, powerful, high in vitamins

Would you like a cure to give you extra drive? Here it is; give yourself a boost with lemon ANTESITE!
The sharpness of citrus fruits combined with the smoothness of liquorice will simply electrify you.
You will be lit up by the golden colour with glints of honey! Woken up by the sharp flavours!
From the very first sip, you will be stimulated by the power of the lemon zest, boosted until you feel wings growing! Then, the liquorice brings it down a notch and quenches your thirst… In the heat of the summer, lemon ANTESITE on the rocks is a concentrate of energy. In the winter, a few drops in a bowl of hot water add a new twist to the hot lemon drink.

Hurry and taste this concentrate of vitality. A 100% positive boost!

Recipe suggestion: Lemon ANTESITE panna cotta