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"Totally pure, its pharmacopeial power has been known to the Chinese for centuries as a stimulant of vital energy."


As a real benefit to a balanced life, many civilisations have long appreciated the combined virtues of liquorice and plants.
Liquorice is a perennial legume grown for its tubers. Its name “Glycyrrhiza” comes from the Greek “glycys”, meaning “sweet” and “rhida”, meaning root. Liquorice provides more than a simple sensation – it brings a real sense of well-being. Indeed, drawing its strength from the Earth, this plant has unexpected capacities.
Totally pure, its pharmacopeial power has been known to the Chinese for centuries as a stimulant of vital energy. It is also a solution for a number of respiratory infections and inflammations.
In addition, it has been attributed a range of powers, such as lowering cholesterol or helping digestion.

ANTESITE is also created from the benefits of liquorice. Its primary advantage is to quench thirst thanks to its natural sweet flavour. A powerful thirst quencher, more than anything, the concentrate gives you a feeling of freshness. It significantly increases the pleasure you feel from drinking water. A gentle breeze accompanies each sip. Enjoying the precious liquid then becomes an Epicurean gesture.
The cherry on the cake is that ANTESITE is the accomplice for a harmonious and healthy life, featuring plants and essential oils. All the strength of liquorice concentrated in the little bottle help you to a balanced life.
Natural and with no added sugar, ANTESITE has its rightful place in the “healthy eating” movement, promoting food with less salt, less sugar and less fat.
Contributing to your well-being, it also plays a role in the plenitude of your body and the tranquility of your organism. One of life’s comforts!

Drinking ANTESITE quickly becomes a gesture of hygiene. You can now find pleasure just in a few drops in a glass, since ANTESITE is “The best way to drink water”!