• Antésite drink

A concentrate of sensations....

Antésite drink

The best way to drink water

A few drops that make waves! Completely in line with the trend of eating less fat and less sugar, taking care of yourself and your body, listening to your feelings – ANTESITE is a concentrate of balance.


added sugars

>No added sugars! The hint of sweetness in ANTESITE comes solely from the naturally sweet taste of liquorice.



>As it is a purified liquorice concentrate, all ANTESITE flavours are developed from natural aromas and essential oils. Absolutely no need for flavour enhancers!



>100% healthy, no additives are included in the composition of ANTESITE



>100% natural, the colour comes from plant and liquorice properties.

100% tasty!

ANTESITE uses the renowned properties of liquorice and plants as a highly efficient thirst quencher.

ANTESITE helps your well-being – a 100% natural drink with zero faults! Healthy, yet generous, it also likes to satisfy all your desires!

Discover our 9 bottles, with intense and delicate flavours. And since flavours need colours, ANTESITE has matched each flavour to a little coloured cap: mint-blue for the natural eucalyptus-pine flavour, pink for grapefruit-lime, spicy red for star anis, and so on.

A rainbow of sensations!