• Anise


The best-seller, the original

When anise is combined with liquorice, they make a perfect mix! The original flavour of ANTESITE encapsulated in this bottle will stir your senses!

Powerful eight-pointed star anise develops bewitching, eastern flavours. You are at the gateway to the desert, contemplating the sand dunes, without fear of thirst.

The flavours of cumin, fennel and anise draw you into the tents of nomads, to the ANTESITE anise ceremony. Just a few drops suffice to make its hints of shimmering mahogany dance in your glass. The pastis of the east, its lingering taste takes you away, into another world.

Seize the travelling spirit, but take nothing with you… except your little bottle of anise ANTESITE.

Recipe suggestion: Lamb tagine with prunes and anise ANTESITE.