• 2015


The arrival of Thésite and Fruisite !

Antésite is innovating and launching a new strategic, sales and marketing course. It has blown the dust off the traditional Antésite range by creating new packaging and a new logo, freeing itself from liquorice by launching two new ranges, namely THÉSITE and FRUISITE.
The first is a range of flavoured tea concentrate (Mint, Tea and Raspberry) and the second, a range of fruit concentrate (Grapefruit-Citrus, Raspberry-Pomegranate and Strawberry- Banana).
The founding values of the company are respected. THÉSITE and FRUISITE contain NO ADDED SUGAR and NO SWEETENERS. They are 100% NATURAL, ULTRA CONCENTRATED and HIGHLY ECONOMICAL.
The company is looking to capitalise on its traditional know-how in ultra-concentrates and reach out to new consumers who enjoy iced tea and fruit drinks.