• 2008


An empty bottle

2008 was a sad year for the company, since its director, Denis Quattrocchi, passed away after a long illness.
The management of ANTESITE-NOIROT was taken over at short notice by his wife, Elisabeth, formerly the Financial Director of children’s clothing company, Marèse. Through necessity, she took on the role of chairman and rallied the troops faithful to the company. She established a climate of confidence, reassured all those involved about the future, as well as uniting and encouraging staff at such a sad time.

Her economic role was decisive. She strengthened and restructured the company, focusing on the basics of the brand. A courageous woman carried on from a charismatic man. Her son, Adrien Mollard, was constantly by her side, working at this time as Financial Controller. Curious and audacious by nature, he became increasingly involved with commercial strategy and marketing development. Little by little, drop by drop, he learned and began to embody the skills and dynamics of the business.