• 1990


A new era

The great-niece of the founder, Madame Perrot-Berton, announced her desire to leave the company. Denis Quattrocchi, the Managing Director, who had joined ANTESITE in 1982 at her side, decided to buy it. The company turnover was then 12.5 million French francs, employing 26 people and marketing a single product. With the change in ownership, the company stepped up a notch, introducing an industrial capacity, a Research and Development programme and diversification.
Denis Quattrocchi expanded the know-how of the brand by purchasing NOIROT, a Nancy company specialising in fruit and plant extraction to boost the range of flavours produced in the Voiron factory. He stimulated the beginning of a new era, strengthening the brand at national mass distribution level and developing business for the agri-feed, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.